I have made over $100k+ in Client Bookings with just Pinterest leads!

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(and with under 300 followers on Instagram!)

A course curated to help designers get their work noticed and attract dream clients on autopilot!


Pinterest for Designers

I've taken everything I've seen and learned after years of "I found you on Pinterest" client inquiries and created the ultimate marketing course for designers! Pinterest for Designers is a no-fluff, step-by-step system that requires 30-60min a week and helps get your design work in front of the right audience.

 It’s time to harness the magic of Pinterest for FREE while automating a system that will work for you — yes, even while you’re sleeping! Because building your dream business should be joyful. So are you ready to convert those visitors into high paying clients? HECK YEAH!


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You are ready to try another way to attract high-paying clients and stand out from the crowd. At this point, you really need something reliable and evergreen that works.

you've Heard of Pinterest as a marketing tool but don't know where to start


Tired of shouting out into the void and playing the follow-for-follow games. Feeling like no matter what you do, your work isn't showing up in the right audience feeds.

You're Unsure How to Attract Your Dream Client


You know your stuff is good and you have a lot to offer, but how do you get them to find you and inquire more?

You are hustling constantly with little to no results


You often sacrifice your own life and time with loved ones — Lately you've been starting to wonder if you’ve got what it takes to make it.

You are frustrated with instagram and it's ever changing algorithm


Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

New client inquiries and site traffic all on autopilot!

Enter the magic that is Pinterest! My secret weapon that tripled my site traffic, skyrocketed my exposure and connected me with Anthropologie — my dream client. Best part? Everything is automated and working while I'm sippin' on a cocktail!

So if you’re tired of shouting out into the void, marketing strategies that seem like dead ends, look no further! I want to teach you how to create one solid business marketing plan that actually works by using Pinterest intentionally.

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"After taking Pinterest for Designers I’m proud of my Pinterest page and better yet, it’s now driving traffic to my website! It helped me master what would have taken me months to learn on my own. It gave me an easy step-by-step to follow and it has really transformed the way I run my business. The info is taught in a friendly, digestible way by everyone’s favorite business fairy godmother, Emmy, and I’m soooo grateful to have this tool for my business."


Aimée Flynn

"Emmy’s Pinterest course was easy to understand and totally painless to implement, and I loved seeing how immediate the results were! Best of all, she taught me that using Pinterest isn’t like having to fight the algorithm on a social media platform, which made it even easier to gain attention. After one week of using her strategies and techniques I had over 30,000 views, people were re-pinning my content and coming to my website!"


Emily Nelson

"The entire course is absolutely amazing! The course is extremely well thought out and very helpful, even for non-tech-savvy people like myself. My site started at 25 monthly views and is already at 4k monthly views after just one month of implementing with minimal work on my end. I love how the course teaches you how to automate and make life easier. If you are looking to boost your Pinterest, this course is a must-have!


Jess Hutchens

"Emmy, I just bought your Pinterest course and LOVE it so much! I was doing a lot of things wrong! The workbook alone helped me understand what I stand for. I'm definitely still getting there, but I feel like I have more clarity for sure! Thanks for all of your knowledge."


Brooke Summers | Craft + Curate

Hi, I'm Emmy! I want to teach you how I went from zero clients to working with Anthropologie...


My Designs Have Been on Anthropologie Products in over 200 Retail Stores + Online!

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All because they found me on Pinterest!


Why vanity numbers don't matter! And which do.

Is it possible to have multiple pins without a blog?

How do I funnel Pinterest traffic to my services/offers?

You'll find answers to questions like...

Best practices on repinning other people's content?

How to create + name pins clients are looking for!

Can I post horizontal images of my work?

Can I pin the same image twice?

How do I automate and schedule?

Say Goodbye To...

Social media strategies that get you no where, frustrating follow for follow or like for like games and say hello to genuine traffic with your dream tribe that will explode your growth and client inquiries!


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